The Tarot Addict

Since the age of 13, I have been reading Tarot Cards and started professionally reading them when I was in my twenties. I have done both private and corporate events as well as reading for clients who found me via my website or picked up one of the many business cards I leave lying around whenever I am out and about.

I have my regulars. The ones I read for on a regular basis. Usually every three to six months or so. However, since the pandemic started last year, I have begun to notice a trend in my clients that I actually had to put the breaks on. Maybe it was the lockdowns, the unemployment worries, the constant bombardment of news that left everyone in a state of constant anxiety. I can't say that I myself was not affected by the pandemic stress. Whatever it was, I noticed that some people were becoming Tarot addicts. They wanted a reading every week or month. At first, I didn't think much of it. Different issues needing some guidance. But there was more to it. There was this weird sense of urgency and need. I realized, that receiving Tarot readings had become a type of drug for some people. It was an itch they needed to scratch. It wasn't that they were asking for guidance--it was that they were feeling unable to make a rational decision for small problems. Or needed to hear that, what they knew was the right thing to do, from someone else. It was unhealthy. I felt like I was becoming a drug dealer feeding a habit. Except for their drug of choice was my beloved Tarot deck! I knew inherently, that COVID-19 was partially to blame for this. When we were struck with the pandemic, it left us all in a state of unknowingness. We all needed some direction in a future that seemed blinded by doubt.

Since then, I have had to set clear boundaries with all my clients, past, present, and future. For starters, no new readings on a new issue for a month. If you come to me for a reading on a specific issue, you need to wait three months before I do another reading on it. Three months is enough time to see if things pan out. As always, I tell my clients' readings are not set in stone. They offer guidance on a situation only. They are not predictions for the future and things can always change. I also offer spell work -- if in three months, things don't work out or you need more guidance-- I am happy to do another reading on the issue.

The truth is, as a Tarot Reader, I am not helping anyone by feeding their addiction. Some would see it as a monetary loss. But I believe as a reader, I am here to offer assistance, and by filling a void by doing constant readings for the same person for the same issue--I am not doing anyone any favors.