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Don't Be Medium: Mediumship vs. Being Psychic

Yeah, sorry .... no. The words "medium" and "mediumship" get tossed around way too much nowadays with nearly everyone with some type of claire-psychism claiming to be a medium. You may be a psychic-- but you are not a medium. I am not saying real, genuine mediums do not exist. They do. Absolutely. I just do not believe that they exist to the point where there are many of them that you can type in the word medium and pull up thousands of results. And people claiming to be mediums may have psychic abilities but they are not true mediums.

I discuss this in my book "Grave Spirits." There are three types of psychics: Clairaudient (means you can hear the dead), clairsentient (you can feel the dead), and clairvoyant (you can see the dead). Unless you have ALL three--- you are NOT a medium. You can have one or two. But you need all three to be a medium. It is why I have never in my life claimed to be a medium. When people hear the word medium, they immediately think of big names like John Edwards and James Van Praagh. Both of whom, I have seen in person and both of whom I can say are true mediums. It is not ok to toss around the word medium. And the reason is simple.

It brings false hope to those who need reconciliation. Imagine the pain of losing someone close. I recently lost my mother in law who was single handly one of the most influential women in my entire life. If I were not already connected to her in a spiritual way and did not have a healthy relationship with death, you better believe that I would be reaching out to anyone who said they were a medium to get in contact with her. And what about those families who have lost a child to murder or suicide? Claiming the word medium is claiming a major responsibility. It's more than just stating whether or not someone Uncle Joe left them a thousand dollars in a box in the attic somewhere. It's claiming that you can literally without a doubt, 99% communicate clearly with the dead.

As a clairsentient, I feel the dead. I feel their presence. They will send me impressions of things-- like the feeling of wearing a sweater or impress upon me the feeling of love or anger. I can pass that message onto someone. But I can not hear them directly or see them. Therefore, I am not a medium. Frankly, I do not want to be a medium. I do not want that responsibility. And if you are not a medium, you should not want it either.

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